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Look at us. Who would have thought? Not me.

Back in 2016 I moved from Buffalo, New York to Minnesota to cover the Vikings. At the time, I figured I might be here for a few years and then move onto the next sports radio station, which is so often the case in the radio business. Instead I fell in love with Minnesota and with my job at SKOR North hosting the Purple Daily Show and written coverage at SKORNorth.com. When COVID-19 crushed the economy and took our station with it, the outpouring from listeners and readers inspired me to continue on.

Let’s be honest, if Mike Zimmer can coach with an eye patch, I can keep hustling to bring you everything you need to know inside the team.

And that’s the goal here. I now work for you. Let’s deep dive into every angle, analyze every move and break down every darn bit of film we can, right?

I know that economic times aren’t easy these days, so I’m going to do everything in my power to make it worth your dollar. That means at least three in-depth articles per week along with reactions to breaking news and bonus audio interviews, links to an upcoming podcast (eyeball emojis) and additional access to me in the form of Q+A’s and many other ways we can make this worthwhile. If the Vikings sign someone or make a trade, you will have analysis in your inbox before you can say “Rick Spielman’s seventh-round picks.”

For the folks who get in early, subscriptions are 20% off. And for those who can’t afford a subscription in these tough times, there will still be one free article per week so keep your eyes out for those.

Ready to run through a wall? Let’s go. FOOTBALL.

— Matthew Coller

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Matthew Coller 

Minnesota Vikings beat reporter and talk show host, formerly of 1500ESPN